Ever Onwards and Upwards

Hi to all,  so much going on here at CW headquarters, preparations for the launch of my debut single are in full flight, you might have noticed the poster for the launch getting around on social media, we're stoked to have these two incredibly talented guest artists!

Paul Greene, has carved his path in the live music scene for many years, has recorded many great albums and toured extensively here in OZ and overseas, many times, it is an honour to have Paul on board this launch! 

Nicole Brophy, a massively talented stage performer, here's some trivia!

Nicole grew up on a property in Shoalhavens "Falls Creek".

Nicole and I started travelling around NSW and entering talent quests in the early 90s when Nicole was barely a teenager! It has been over 20 years since we have shared the stage, and this is one night you shouldn't miss! 

Nicole has a raw onstage energy, and vocal/guitar wizardry that is very rare, and very infectious!

We're all looking forward to a great night at the Cooee Hotel on September 2nd! 

In The Studio

Whilst having a recent break from playing live music and being on the road, I took the opportunity to pen some songs with some of our countries most awarded songwriters including Matt Scullion and Allan Caswell, which has lead to recording a brand new album! 

New Album Coming Soon!

Pre-purchasing my single and forth-coming album will start soon and we will let you all know how and when, please sign up to our mailing list to be the first to know! 

Thank you all for your ongoing support! 

We look forward to putting some new music into the airwaves very soon! 

Chalk x