Welcome! Life! New Music!

Hi folks,
Firstly, welcome to my website & thanks for dropping by!
For those who have followed my progress and supported me during treatment, thank you!
We have a few months before the results of the treatment are in, we will keep you posted!

I have just finished 3 gigs after 17 weeks of not playing live music and can I tell you, it felt great to be back in action!

NEW MUSIC coming soon!
I'm releasing my debut single on the 2nd of September at St Georges Basins "Cooee Hotel"!
We have some guest artists on the day, starting around 4pm, there is a bistro there and the food is great!

So now it's time to hit the studio and get some work done, I have some new songs to record after some recent songwriting sessions with Matt Scullion and Allan Caswell, that I can't wait to put out there and some more songwriting sessions coming up!

We are all lucky to be here folks, stay lucky, and I'll see you soon!

Chalkie White